Women’s AC World Championship

Both Ailsa Lines and Beatrice McGlen, our two members playing in the World AC Women's Championship, have qualified from the block stage to reach the 32 player knockout.  There were 8 blocks of 6, from which the top four qualified.  Ailsa was undefeated in her block, and Beatrice, who was drawn into the same block as Jenny Clarke, the favourite, was equal second with three wins.

Conditions so far seem to be reported as cool and windy, so we needn't be that envious!

In the first round of the knockout, Ailsa beat Kay Seeary (AUS) in two games, to play Wendy Dickson.  Sadly, from our point of view, Beatrice narrowly lost in three to Liz McLay (NZ), just as the ten-hour timer expired.

Ailsa beat Wendy but then lost to Chloe Aberley in the quarter finals.

Full results at www.croquetscores.com/tournaments/49