Joining Nottingham Croquet Club

Membership of the club is open to anyone interested in taking up, playing or supporting croquet. We aim to be inclusive and welcoming to all, with a membership as diverse as the wider community.

Croquet is a comparatively affordable sport as the club supplies all the equipment you will need, including an excellent choice of club mallets, and also provides free coaching at all levels. Experienced players generally purchase their own mallet eventually rather than using club mallets, but unlike golf players, you only need one!

Do check out the links under this menu for more details on our 2024 subscription costs, our facilities, the benefits of membership, and the expectations of members (including our club rules and policies).

If you wish to apply for membership in 2024, please complete this form and tender your subscription by bank transfer if possible or by cheque otherwise. (Payment details are on the form). The form is usually completed and handed in at the club premises.

Membership of Nottingham Croquet Club will give you the added benefit of automatic enrolment to our sport’s national governing body, Croquet England, for which – among other benefits – you will receive the Croquet Gazette every two months and be able to read about croquet all over the country.

The club will keep details of its members on computers in accordance with its Data Protection and Privacy Policy.  Contact details of members who agree to share them are published in the Club Handbook provided to all members.

Some of our members enjoying a BBQ in 2021


Members in 2016 (Photo credit: Viv Staley)