New member recruitment

To thrive and flourish as a club we need a regular influx of new members. We now have plenty of capacity to accommodate more members, and indeed will need to grow our numbers to keep subscriptions affordable as well as for the club to thrive. We received some funding from the wider community towards our extended and enhanced faciltiies and we don’t want to keep them to ourselves.

The most effective route for finding new members is for all of us existing members to “sell” croquet to friends, colleagues, family, neighbours etc who might be interested.  You can help a lot (at no cost to yourself) by inviting people to our Open Days, Beginners’ Courses etc.  If they cannot attend an Open Day, you may like to invite them for a free taster session of an hour or so with yourself or another club member, or indeed for a longer period for a lawn fee.

It is also very helpful if we try to welcome passers-by who shows an interest, and – if possible – offer them a free taster session, and/or (if permission is forthcoming) enter their names and contract details in the book of prospective members.

People who are (or have been) proficient in sports such as badminton, cricket, squash, golf, tennis etc will often do well at croquet. It also often appeals to people who enjoy intellectual pursuits such as chess, bridge, board games etc. Croquet can also have great appeal for some people who are not at all attracted to other competitive sports.