Legacies, Donations and Sponsorship

Many of our members, particularly in the lockdown year of 2020, have generously donated funds to the club in various ways, and this helped us considerably to weather that financial storm and still invest in the club’s future. The club is indebted to all its donors and supporters. Only in the rarest circumstances does the club appeal for financial donations from its members.

We have in the past sometimes benefitted from legacies. A bench inscribed in memory of Bob and Evelyn Chamberlain recognises one such legacy. Some people are more able to donate in this way than during their lifetime. The club is grateful for each and every gift, and will always endeavour to use them effectively and in accordance with the donor’s wishes.  If you plan to make a legacy to the club, and especially if you would like it to be used for a particular purpose, please discuss with the Treasurer (or President or Chairman). It is best not to be over-specific in the wording of a legacy as the club’s needs can change.

We have recently been asked about sponsorship opportunities. We do not yet have clear polices for this nor a brochure of sponsorship opportunities but we are very happy to discuss a bespoke agreement if people or organisations would like to explore a sponsorship arrangement.