Visitors in action - playing on lawns 6-7 with fine, varied evergreens behind

Visitors in action - playing on lawns 6-7 with fine, varied evergreens behindWe love to welcome visitors who wish to enjoy our grounds when play is on, to watch and learn about croquet, or perhaps to have a go at this fascinating, skilful, tactical, enjoyable and non-arduous sport. Our playing season is usually early April to early October. If you’d like to come either individually or as a group, check out the menu links under Visit for different formats and arrangements, including some free of charge playing options. (There is never a charge for spectators).

Alternatively drop in any time, and if there are members and lawns free we can arrange a free taster session (for people who’ve never tried club croquet) or a lawn fee visit. To avoid possible disappointment (we have no staff) it’s best to book online, or come on a Tuesday after 2pm when we will have a friendly volunteer to welcome public visitors. 

The Club calendar lists formal events when there will always be croquet to watch but may or may not be an opportunity to play. At other times it is less predictable. It’s always best to contact us first to avoid possible disappointment, though we accommodate ad hoc requests from passers-by when we can.

If you would like to have a go, we provide all croquet equipment, but to avoid damage to our fine turf you must wear flat-soled footwear (e.g. trainers). Dress in a way which you will find comfortable for an outdoor activity in the expected weather conditions.

If you would like to explore the game in more depth, it’s best to come to one of our free Open Days or even book on to a Croquet Experience Weekend and then perhaps join a Learn to play course. 

Comprehensive information on getting to the club is provided here.