Subscription rates and fees

Subscriptions now run from 1st April to 31st March. The subscriptions for 2024-25 are below.

    • £200 for full members
    • £134 for Country members (living more than 20 miles away as the crow flies),
    • £40 for Far Country members (living more than 50 miles away as the crow flies),
    • £40 for Young Person members (under 25 years old on 1st April, or in continuous full-time education)
    • £25 for Junior members (under 18 on 1st April), and
    • £15 for Social (non-playing) members.

Full or Country members who are new to club croquet in 2024 will enjoy a 50% discount this year, and those who joined in 2023 and were then new to club croquet will enjoy a 25% discount. These new player discounts are under review and may not be continued in future years.  

Reduced rates may be available for new members who join late in the playing season - please contact the membership secretary for details.

We also have concessionary subscription rates for people who receive certain state benefits, and a scheme for paying in four instalments for any who find this more manageable than a lump sum.

Please contact us using the membership contact form if it is not clear from the membership application form how much your subscription would be.

Those who have paid for a "Croquet Experience Weekend" and then choose to join the club that same season can deduct 50% of the fee they have paid from the first year's subscription.

All discounts and deductions are subject to the proviso that a subscription can never be less than £10.