We hope members will enjoy their membership and make the most of it by using our facilities, playing the game and participating in the life of the club.

Generally members may access club premises at any time, use club equipment on site, and – in the playing season – play croquet on the lawns in accordance with the guidance on the lawn booking page. Outside the main playing season we try to keep some lawns open for play for our hardier members, but considerations of custodianship of our fine turf playing surfaces for the future will mean limited or even no availability.

The club is run by an annually elected committee who are very open to hearing the views of members on possible improvements. It may not be always possible to please everyone but we try. The club has no paid staff and almost everything that happens is done by volunteers.

More information on the benefits and expectations of membership can be found from the “Join menu above. More on how to make the most of your membership can be found from the “Enjoymenu above, from the “More Information” and “Members’ Information” menus in the footer of this site (including the outline club calendar), but even more information or more up-to-date detail can be found from sources such as the Members’ Handbook, the monthly newsletter, details in the online lawn booking system, occasional email updates, noticeboards in the pavilions and by attending our AGM and any other ad hoc meetings on offer.