Expectations of members

In order to have a well-functioning and harmonious club we have some largely common-sense expectations. 

    • Club rules: Members should of course heed the formal club rules
    • Club policies: Members are expected to abide by our various published policies
    • Respect for others: We also particularly encourage members to embrace inclusivity and diversity as we endeavour to provide “Croquet for All”. We expect members to treat each other and visitors to the club with due care and respect. Specifically we should treat everyone equally and without discrimination, we should look out for each other and also ensure the contact details of other members are not shared outside the club.
    • Club property: Members are expected to treat club equipment and facilities with care, using equipment as intended, not removing items from the premises without good reason, returning everything in good condition to the proper place after use, or reporting any loss or damage. Please avoid any actions which may foreseeably damage the fine turf. Leave any pavilion areas you have used, such as kitchens and toilets, as clean and tidy as a reasonably fastidious member would like to find them. Care should be taken over the security of the premises, especially locking up if you are the last to leave. Padlock code numbers and passwords should not be shared with non-members. 
    • Dress code: The only mandatory requirement is that members and anyone using our facilities should wear flat-soled footwear (such as trainers) whenever on the lawns. There is no dress code for normal club play, but players who enter some more formal tournaments, matches and events may be expected to wear “predominately white”. 

Flat soled footwear – vital to minimise lawn damage     

Tournament players wearing mainly white clothing.