Nottingham Croquet Club invites you

Public Drop-in sessions: Tuesdays from 2pm; Thursdays from 4pm.  Free taster sessions for potential members' first visit, or £5 "pay and play".  Subject to availability - please book if travelling specially or for group sessions. (Wear flat-soled footwear please).

In 2021 we expanded and upgraded our excellent facilities, and would love to welcome more people to experience this fascinating, challenging, enjoyable and highly accessible non-contact outdoor sport, which combines skill and strategy, doesn't require great energy, is played on an equal basis between women and men of all ages, and can enhance physical, mental and social well-being. 

Come in through the grand gates below (with an impressive vista of Nottingham University's Trent Building), and we can be found through the smaller gates immediately on the right and left.

a pair of huge impressive wrought iron gates open with a vista to the grand Trent building

But since you're here, you may like to explore our website first and see what we can offer - perhaps starting with this video.

Nottingham Croquet Club strives to be inclusive, diverse, accessible and welcoming.

Winner of a national award for diversity and inclusion in 2022 , we continue our work to enhance our welcome to all.

Do check out our welcome page which has more audio-visuals.

If you are new to croquet, we hope this website will help you discover this wonderful game, and hope you may also choose to visit us, learn the game, join the club and enjoy our wonderful sport. Some of our members find they want to give something back and support the club in various voluntary ways.

If you like what you see, you may like to arrange to have a go, learn the game or join the club using our contact form. Or you can pop and ask in whenever members are on site which is a lot of the daylight hours during the season (early April to early October). Tuesdays from 2pm to mid evening is a good time as there will always be one of our friendly volunteers available to welcome you. 

 As well as offering public amenity and casual and club play, we welcome lots of community groups, and also host tournaments of local, national and international significance.

players and spectators in casual dress enjoying social croquet on a sunny afternoon
flags of 8 nationalities flying over the entrance to the club during the world under 21 championship

Images: Social croquet & International croquet

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