Club Officers and Committee Members

The current Officers and Committee Members are:   

President:              Ian Vincent
Hon. Secretary:      Ellen Gee

Hon. Treasurer:      John Davis
Chairman:              Rob Edlin-White

Other committee members: John Filsak (Tournament Secretary), Omied Hallam, Veronica Savill, William Gee, Roger Watson

The email addresses of committee members can be found in the Members’ Handbook.

The bar sub-committee members are John Davis, Rob Edlin-White and Ian Vincent.

The handicap sub-committee members are Omied Hallam (chair), Ian Draper, Rachel Gee, Viv Staley, Cathy Turski and Roger Watson.

The Security Officer (for the purposes of the CCTV policy) is Alex McIntyre.

The Safeguarding Officer is Omied Hallam. His photo is on the club policies page and his contact details are in the Members’ Handbook, on noticeboards in both pavilions and available online in the Croquet Association Members Directory

 (Photo: An al fresco committee meeting by lawn 1)