West lawns drainage improvements

The new west lawns seemed not to drain very well – particularly noticable after 3 consecutive named storms.  We hired a Toro Procore 648 machine and Charlie used it on Wednesday 9th March to create about 1.5 million holes, 4.5" deep. We trust this will do the trick.  (More drastic solutions are possible but they cost more and require longer recovery time). 

Postscript: After another period of heavy rain, it's clear that the lawns are draining better but still nothing like as well as the west lawns. There appears to be a layer of compaction with little organic material. We are confident that the drainage will improve in time, helped along by ongoing good care and occasional interventions of this sort to improve aeration, but hindered if we play on them when saturated, when our use creates compaction and reduces aeration.