Welcome to new members and learners

There seems to be an outstanding level of interest this year from people new to croquet. Following on from the well attended Open Days, we have a first Learn to Play course, now in its seventh week, with most of the participants choosing to join the club. A second course was extended to accomodate up to 24 players and is filled and in its third week. We also held a "Croquet Experience Weekend" which is primarily intended as an enjoyable and sociable weekend of learning croquet skills and playing some games with no expectation (but of course an option) to take it further. Nearly all of the 11 attendees have chosen to join us. 

A huge welcome to all who have joined and to those on our courses who may choose to join us. We hope and trust that all our members will make you feel welcome,

Some photos below from the Croquet Experience weekend where your roving photographer was let loose for a while.