Watford beat Nottingham in Longman Cup

Nottingham hosted Watford in a close match in the Longman Cup, but ended up being over-generous to the visitors, who went home with a 4-3 win.  The results, with Watford names first, were:

Mark Homan (7) & Nick Archer (14) beat Patricia Duke Cox (8) & Ian Dovey (8) +4

Alan Clark (6) lost to Ian Draper (14) -17

Andre Machell (16) lost to Michael Finnigan (5) -3

Alan Clark (6) beat Michael Finnigan (5) +10

Mark Homan (7) beat Patricia Duke-Cox (8) +24

Nick Archer (14) beat Ian Dovey (8) +26

Andre Machell (16) lost to Ian Draper (14) -13

Our two remaining teams in the various inter-club competitions play Pendle & Craven on Wednesday 2nd July in the Mary Rose and Hunstanton the following day in the Murphy Shield, both at home.  Support welcome!