Tree work and impact on early season lawn usage

Late news!

The council have scheduled some arboricultural work on the oaks which overhang the northern parts of the east lawns, and which in late Summer and Autumn drop acorns and debris causing considerable nuisance for players and extra work for Charlie. The oaks have also become in our view potentially dangerous so we very much welcome this work, hoping and trusting it will resolve these problems.  

Contractors will be working on the trees from 25th – 30th March, and during the work lawns 2-5 will be unavailable. Charlie will be catching up on postponed mowing and lawn work on 31st. Therefore our early start for the season will involve only lawn 1 until 3pm Wed 31st. We'd request only half-lawn bookings until the other lawns are available,  to allow as many members as possible to get an early start, because we know some of your are raring to go. 

Please see lawn booking page for detail.