Rachel Rowe now an AC minus player

Rachel Rowe showed that she can play Association, as well as Golf, Croquet to a high standard by wining her first game in the East Midlands Championship with a triple peel, to gain her CA Gold Award, completing another the same day, and ending the event with a handicap of -1/2.  Omied Hallam completed three triples, coming down to 1, and David Brydon also had a successful weekend, despite being ranked well below the rest of the field.

The Hopewell Cup was won by Jack Wicks, from Colchester, with Alain Giraud, from Ealing, the runner up.

Many players thanked the members who catered: Bob Thompson, Ailsa Lines and Beatrice McGlen, for the quality of the food: in particular our Australian visitor commented that it was much better than the sandwiches they subsisted on at tournaments back home! I would also add my thanks to the members and visitors how helped wash and clear up at the end of each day.