Rachel Gee Wins Club One-Ball Event

18 players took part in the Charity One-Ball event in support of the Down’s Syndrome Association in beautiful sunny weather on Saturday 5 May. Rachel Gee was unbeaten with 5 wins out of 5, though she had to overcome a very determined challenge from Viv Staley in the final round. She wins the John Hansen trophy for this year. The event raised £100 for the charity.


Full results:

Rachel Gee                         5/5

Omied Hallam                    4/5

Michael Finnigan              4/5

Shirley Ashtari                   3/4

Will Gee                              3/5

Mary Ashworth                3/5

Viv Staley                            3/5

Sue Wileman                      3/5

Peter Death                        2/4

Lawrence Whittaker       2/4

Bob Thompson                 2/5

Roger Berkeley                 1/4

Diana Plant                         1/4

Dave Gunn                          1/4

Rob Edlin-White               1/5

Ian Dovey                            1/5

Ian Draper                           0/5

Patricia Duke-Cox            1/2         (retired early)