Pavilion Water Supply (and?) Marathon

Following a site meeting today, with a representative of the Council and their contractor, my understanding is that work is now scheduled to start on Thursday, 25th September, to lay a new water main to by-pass the leaking one.  It will run from the existing main, which comes into the club from University Boulevard near the hydrant sign, through the grass in front of the pavilion, then under flagstones by the gate to re-connect with the supply to the bowls pavilion near the statue of Jesse Boot.  A supply to our pavilion will be tapped off it, to enter the pavilion above floor level, under the basin in our gentlemen's cloackroom.  (Alternative routes which would take it directly into the public ladies' toilets were considered, but ruled to be technically infeasible.)

Laying the pipe should take 2-3 days and should not interrupt the supply.  We have been promised that access to the pavilion will be maintained, but please take care in the vicinity of the work.  The new main then needs to be chlorinated and a water sample sent off for testing before it can be connected.  This is expected to take about a fortnight, after which there will then be a risk of disruption when the old and new mains are swapped over.

Meanwhile, freeing up seized valves has increased the pressure back to near normal levels and cleaning a contact in the dishwasher seems to have got it working again (though please leave its door ajar to prevent it going mouldy because of infrequent use).

Please also be aware that the Robin Hood Marathon will pass the club on the morning of Sunday, 28th September, resulting in the closure of University Boulevard between 8:30 and 13:00.

Update on Monday, 29th Septeber:  The new pipe has been laid, but has yet to be brought into the pavilion.  Please mind the uneven ground and paving stones temporarily placed near the entrance gate.

Update on Tuesday, 30th Septeber: The paving stones have now been relaid.