Paddy Chapman won the President’s Cup; Ian Vincent the Tankard

On Sunday 13th September, after 4 days of intensive competition at the Hurlingham club in London against some of the top players in the country, Nottingham Croquet Club's Paddy Chapman won the President's Cup, the highest ranking of the Association Croquet "Eights". He won 12 of his 14 games, four of them completed with sextuple peels, beating croquet legend Robert Fulford who won 11 games.  The photograph shows Paddy (right) being presented with the magnificent trophy by Stephen Mullliner. 

Paddy had previously won this in 2015. Other Nottingham members whose names are on the cup include James Death (2007) and Keith Aiton (2005). 

Meanwhile, in Southport, after a similarly demanding schedule, Nottingham Croquet Club's president, Ian Vincent, won the Treasurer's Tankard, the fourth of the "Eights". 

Many congratulations to both.

Over the same 4-day period, our club hosted the Chairman's Salver, the second ranking of the Eights, which was won very convincingly by Samir Patel. Many thanks to all who volunteered to support this in so many ways. Our hospitality and the quality of our facilities were very well received and much appreciated. 


Stephen Mulliner presenting Paddy with the President's Cup (Photo credit: Sarah Mulliner)



Ian Vincent (right) with the Treasurer's Tankard (socially distanced from Don Williamson).