Paddy Chapman won the East Midlands Championship

Young guy with peaked cap holding a silver trophy

Club member Paddy Chapman won the (AC) East Midlands Championship, beating visitor Robin Brown in the play-off after completing two sextuple peals in earlier rounds.  The other two finalists were James Hopgood, who had travelled down from Edinburgh despite the disruption to train services caused by the landslips on Thursday, and Ian Lines, the holder and also a club member.  Ian Vincent, the Manager, was undefeated in the plate.

Conditions were difficult, with a gusty wind throughout the weekend, but the field of 20 players were well fed by Irmgard Finnigan, Patricia Duke-Cox and Beatrice McGlen.  Irmgard had the additional challenge of coping without a water supply: the pavilion had been cut-off by a burst main under University Boulevard, which was repaired during the evening rush hour!

Several people thanked Charlie, the groundsman, for the consistency of the hoop setting, and for having the lawns playable despite having been flooded on Thursday.

Paddy Chapman with the Hopewell Cup

Robin Brown, the runner up, having been presented with his prize by Beatrice

and Ian Vincent, receiving his for winning the plate.

Thanks to Rachel Rowe for taking the photos.