Nottingham won Secretary’s Shield Final 4-3


Cheltenham, Saturday 30th September.  Dry with sunny intervals but a chill wind.

At lunch, Nottingham were 3-0 up against the Bear of Rodborough.  Omied and Bob won their doubles comfortably, but Dan and David's singles were both single figure margins.

All the afternoon games were tightly fougt, and at one stage Nottingham were behind in all of them, but Omied hit in when for rover and box, having just been pegged out by Richard, who at that stage was also for rover and peg.  In the final game to finish, Bob Thompon pegged out Robert Moss when Bob was for 4-Back with his other ball, and Robert for peg.  After several narrow misses, Bob conceded a wiring lift to leave a double that Robert hit from A-baulk.

Bob Thompson and Omied Hallam bt Robert Moss and Richard Way +19
Dan Greenaway bt Keith Apperley +3
Dave Gunn bt Kate Apperley +6

Bob Thompson lost to  Robert Moss -3
Omied Hallam bt Richard Way +3
Dave Gunn lost to  Keith Apperley -15
Dan Greenaway lost to Kate Apperley -14