Nottingham win Secretary’s Shield

The final of the Secretary's Shield was hosted by Wrest Park on their new lawns, which are reached by turning left from the drive as you enter the park. They have a much larger pavilion, with electricity and running water, and no need for a bicycle to reach the toilet! There are currently three lawns, but ground is being prepared for a fourth: turf was being lifted and replaced to remove a slight ridge to the side of one of the existing lawns during the afternoon. The soil appeared to be sandy rather than clay, so should be better drained. There is an expansive view of farmland. The club was very hospitable, providing some excellent cakes for tea.

Nottingham won the two morning singles, but Enfield won the doubles by 2 after pegging out Omied with his partner on rover, when for 1 and peg. Omied narrowly but quickly won his afternoon singles, then Dan Greenaway finished to give Nottingham their third successive shield, equalling the record set by Bowdon some years ago.

Results with Nottingham names first:

Omied Hallam (1.5) & Dan Greenaway (9) lost to Ken Pickett (2.5) & Brian Havill (8) -2
Ian Draper (20) bt Brian Dawes (9) +19
Philippine Hallam (20) bt David Frost (18) +12t

Omied Hallam bt Ken Pickett +4
Dan Greenaway bt Brian Havill +16
Philippine Hallam bt Brian Daws +5t
Ian Draper bt David Frost +4t