Nottingham win postponed 2021 Mary Rose final

Nottingham and Surbiton played the delayed 2021 Mary Rose final at Wrest Park on Friday 27th May 2022. On a beautiful day, the match was played on perfectly prepared lawns running up to 13 plummers.

Morning games (Nottingham names first):

  • Ian Draper (1) & Alex McIntyre (1.5) beat Andy Dibben (0.5) & Mary Knapp (1.5) +15
  • Mike Hedge (1.5) lost to Graham Brightwell (2) -3
  • Martin Beacon (2) lost to Nick Furse -9

As the morning singles had taken some time, the afternoon games were timed to 3hrs, finishing at 7.

  • Ian beat Andy +1 on time after a crucial hit in.
  • Alex beat Mary +12, despite accidentally pegging his own ball out!
  • Martin lost to Graham -23.
  • Mike beat Nick on the Golden Hoop, despite nearly playing the wrong ball at the death!

Nottingham clinched it 4:3 in a very tight match.

Many thanks to Wrest Park for hosting.