Nottingham retain Mary Rose

Nottingham took a winning 4-1 lead in the Mary Rose final, with final score 6-1 against Hurlingham. Nottingham were the holders, with Hurlingham having won in 2012.

The results, with Nottingham names first, were:

Omied Hallam & Martin Beacon bt Nelson Morrow & Bob Stephens +19

Peter Moore lost to Veronica Carlisle -20

Clive Goode bt Richard Hoskyns +22

Omied Hallam bt Nelson Morrow +26

Martin Beacon bt Bob Stephens +21

Peter Moore bt Richard Hoskyns +22

Clive Goode bt Veronica Carlisle +19

The winning team: Omied Hallam, Martin Beacon (C), Clive Goode and Peter Moore.