Nottingham reach Mary Rose final

Our Mary Rose team beat Wrest Park in a very evenly balanced match, to play Hurlingham in the final at Surbiton on Saturday 5th October.  The doubles and Omied Hallam's singles finished quickly in our favour, but Peter Death's morning game was pegged down at lunchtime, with him two hoops ahead.   We only took one of the afternoon singles, to level the match at 3-3, so the game was resumed, in rather damp conditions, with everything hanging on it.  Peter got to peg and peg, with his opponent still for 1-B and 4-B, but elected to roll to the peg and peg one ball out, thus foregoing his lifts, rather than play a drive and keep both balls on if the forward ball missed (the line favoured by his son!).  His opponent hit, and, between several close shots at the peg, reached 3-B and Rover before getting cross-wired, giving Peter a chance lag up to the peg. 

Ian Vincent & Richard Huxley bt Brian Harral & David Marsh +17
Omied Hallam bt Tim Brewer +19
Peter Death bt John Bevington +7

Ian Vincent bt Brian Harral +20
Richard Huxley lost to David Marsh -16
Omied Hallam lost to John Bevington -22
Peter Death lost to Tim Brewer -5