Nottingham beat Roehampton 4-2 (AC Inter Club)

Nottingham beat Roehampton in the first round of the Inter-Club Championship


Richard White bt Chris Roberts +18

John Davis 18 – 18 Peter Siddall (unfinished)

Paddy Chapman lost Harry Fisher -26tp

Omied Hallam bt Tim Russell +4


John Davis lost Chris Roberts -6

Richard White bt Peter Siddall +25tp

Paddy Chapman/Omied Hallam bt Harry Fisher/Tim Russell +20


In order to set a good example, Nottingham and Roehampton agreed to play their first round match at Nottingham on Sunday April 8th, home advantage having been awarded to Nottingham as the result of a coin toss in New Zealand during the World Championships. Given that the work on the Nottingham pavilions was being masterminded by a major contractor that ceased to exist in January, this proved a trifle optimistic. At the last minute Roehampton kindly agreed to host the match which did indeed take place on the agreed date. The lawns at Roehampton were in excellent condition and amazingly quick given the recent long cold monsoon season we have been experiencing. The hospitality was excellent with particular thanks to John Pearson, Roehampton’s non-playing captain and Frances Coleman, who explained the complicated technicalities of the hot water machine to anyone wanting to use it.


What about the croquet? A tight match was won by Nottingham 4-2 with one of the morning singles unfinished and not needed to decide the result of the match. Peter Siddall and I drew 18-18. It is the first time I have ever drawn a game of croquet. Without doubt the best performance of the day went to Harry Fisher who beat Paddy Chapman with a 6th turn tp. Something to tell his children and grandchildren about! Richard White also completed a tp against Peter Siddall.


Now the Nottingham team knows how to drive through London we can plan for our visit to Surbiton in the next round!



John Davis