Nottingham beat Phyllis Court 5-2 in Secretary’s Shield

Report provided by Omied Hallam.

Nottingham hosted Phyllis court in a very close day with Nottingham winning with 6 out of 7 games going to time, of which 4 of them went to golden hoop. It was anyone’s for the taking but Nottingham managed to pull the win out of the bag and get throw to the next round to see if they can retain their title for the 3rd year in a row.

Nottingham Team

Omied Hallam (Captain) 2.5
David Gunn 4
Judith Moore 18
Ian Draper 24

Phyllis Court Team

Chris Roberts 4.5
Peter Honey 6 (Captian)
Frances Colman 9
Raghu Iyer 24

Morning Games

Omied & David beat Chris & Peter +7
Judith beat Raghu +1 golden hoop
Ian beat Frances +1 golden hoop

Afternoon Games

Omied lost to Chris -1 golden hoop
David lost to Peter -1 golden hoop
Judith beat Frances +4 on time
Ian beat Raghu +1 on time

Nottingham won 5/2


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