Nottingham beat Hunstanton in Murphy Shield

Nottingham eventually won 5-2 at home against Hunstanton on a warm, but overcast, day, with the hills starting to show as the lawns finally dry out.

Results with Nottingham names first: 

Ian Vincent & Kath Wright lost to David Thirtle-Watts & Terrey Sparks 7-4 3-7 2-7
Chris Jackson bt Tony Lee 7-3 7-5
Omied Hallam bt Derek Cole 7-2 7-3
Ian Vincent bt David Thirtle-Watts 7-5 7-4
Kath wright bt Terrey Sparks 7-4 7-2
Chris Jackson lost to Derek Cole 4-7 6-7
Omied Hallam bt Toney Lea 7-3 7-0