Nottingham B beat Sussex County in the Inter-Club

Our team was Keith Aiton, Richard White, Ailsa Lines and Martin Beacon.  It looks like we recovered from 1-2 down at lunch to win 4-3, with what I suspect were some rather tight endings!

Dominic Nunns & Alan Cottle beat Keith Aiton & Richard White +12
Ailsa Lines beat Simon Hayward-Tapp +22
Luc Berthouze beat Martin Beacon +17
Dominic Nunns beat Keith Aiton +9
Richard White beat Alan Cottle +18
Martin Beacon beat Simon Hayward-Tapp +4
Ailsa Lines beat Luc Berthouze +5

Nottingham B go on to play Cheltenham in the semi-final.

Nottingham A play their first match against Woking at home on Thursday 11th July.