Nottingham 5-0 Pendle (Mary Rose 2nd Round)

Nottingham CC won their 2nd round Mary Rose match in a convincing manner 5-0 winners over Pendle CC on Friday 21st June 2018 at Pendle.

Nottingham were 2-0 up at lunch, the doubles Ian Vincent (0) / Clive Goode (0.5) v Robert Essler (1) / Roger Scofield (2) being pegged down and ultimately unfinished. 

Ian Draper (2) beat Paul Dowdall (8) +19

Dave Gunn (1) beat Gary Wilson (9) +17

The afternoon games saw Ian Vincent beat Robert Essler +9

Clive Goode beat Roger Scofield +2

Dave Gunn beat Paul Dowdall +26

Ian Draper v Gary Wilson – unfinished

As per normal the visitors enjoyed a delicious lunch and for once it is recorded that the match was played in glorious sunny conditions.