Nottingham 5-0 Ashby (GC Inter Club)


GC Inter Club played at Ashby on Monday 25th June 2018.

Nottingham ran out comfortable 5-0 winners against local rivals Ashby. They got off to a flyer when Ian Burridge and James Death inflicted a 7-3 7-2 defeat on Rachel and Will Gee. Having come back from 1-4 down in game one Richard Bolton secured a comfortable victory over David Bell 7-4 7-4. Leaving Euan Burridge and Tim King tied 1-1 playing a tight 3rd game after Tim had equalised at the 13th with a good rush up from 12 and subsequent hoop shot. A pivotal moment in the decider was at hoop 6 with Euan leading 3-2 when Tim stopped Euan from playing his opponents ball, allowing Euan to get to 4-2. Tim fought back to take the game to the 13th hoop. Euan was short with the first ball, the next 3 balls all played to 4 yard position. Euan missed his clearance, Tim failed the hoop, Euan cleared but failed to keep position, Tim took position and Euan ran the hoop from the boundary to give Nottingham a 3-0 lead at lunch. This received the high acclaim of being described by Euan as “pretty good for a salad”.

The temperature had now reached 30 degrees, further baking the courts which were generally quick outside the rectangle of the hoops but significantly slower within in it. The lower order again got Nottingham off to a flyer with Euan and Richard winning their first games. Shortly followed by James beating Will at the 13th hoop. When Euan beat David Bell in the second to secure the match for Nottingham, Ian and Rachel were still in a high quality first game which Rachel managed to close out. Richard and Tim agreed an amicable draw while Will and James remained keen and played their match out, with James triumphing in the 3rd game. 
Results (Ashby names first)

Rachel and Will Gee lost to Ian Burridge and James Death 3-7 2-7
Tim King lost to Euan Burridge 4-7 7-6 6-7
David Bell lost to Richard Bilton 4-7 4-7

Will Gee lost to James Death 6-7 7-6 2-7
Rachel Gee led Ian Burridge 7-4
Tim King drew with Richard Bilton 5-7 7-5
David Bell lost to Euan Burridge 4-7 6-7

Ashby 0-5 Nottingham