National AC Seniors Tournament

 by Julie Horsley at Budleigh Salterton [^] -> bottom
21st July (Level-Play Tournaments)


Players found conditions this year challenging with the lawns and hoops, that some games where going to 4 hours. Maybe the sun and heat had something to do with it. So unusually the Manager had to impose time limits on Blocks A and B on the last day in order to finish the tournament at a reasonable time for players to travel home.

On Saturday morning there was no clear winner in most blocks and there were some very close finishes this year.

On Saturday morning In A block for the Trevor Williams Cup, Simon Hathrell, Tim Jolliff and Jonathan Lamb were all on 5 wins with all having to play each other. In the first game Simon beat Jonathan , but lost to Tim in the second, giving him 6 wins. Tim won his first 2 games giving him 7 wins. Jonathan Lamb was now out of the running having lost his first 2 games.

In the meantime Jim Field on 4 wins at the start of the day was now on 5 and playing Simon in their last game, which he won to give him 6 wins and second place. In his last game Tim beat Jonathan to give him 8 wins.

End results Tim Jolliff 8/9, Jim Field 6/9, Simon Hathrell 6/9 Jonathan Lamb 5/9 Jonathan Wolfe 5/9. Dave Mundy. Dave Gunn and Peter Moore all 3/9, David Wise and Richard Wood 2/9

In B block there were 4 with 4 wins each on Saturday morning – Stephen Custance-Baker, Peter Nelson, Roger Mills and Bob Thomson. Stephen and Bob won both their games, Roger lost both his and Peter won 1 lost 1 so tie between Stephen and Bob, each with 6/7 wins, but earlier Bob has beaten Stephen so won the Colin Hemming Cup.

In Block C John Dawson had a clean sweep winning all 7 games so winning the de-Ansorena Cup, runner-up was Mike Taylor with 5/7 wins.

In Block D the last game would determine who won the Nigel Graves Trophy as both Brian Shorney and Richard Peperell were both on 4/6 wins with Richard on his Bye and Brian to play. Brian managed to win with 5/6.

In E Block Judith Moore won the small silver goblet with 4/5 wins, Sam Watts, Pat Jackson and Rosemary Bradshaw all on 3/5.

The Handicap singles for the Quiller Cup was won for the second year running by Brian Shorney with runner-up Richard Jackson. Brian was lucky to win it again as he only entered on the Monday saying he had thought he had entered as last years' winner.

The consolation event was won by Bob Thompson who having been knocked out in round 2 by Tim Jolliff went on to win all his remaining games.

The Doubles final was between David Wise/Gerald Osborne-Burke and Philip Harris/Susan Rogers with Philip and Susan winning.

There was a tie for the consolation event between Dave Mundy/Tony Bower and Tim Jolliff/Jonathan Wolfe.

The Fastest games was – as usual – won by Jim Field.

Peter Death on behalf of the CA presented the trophies and thanked everyone for all the effort they had put into making the tournament happen.