Mike Hedge wins GC C Level Tournament

by Richard Bilton at Nottingham [^] -> bottom
18th July (Golf Croquet)


The C Level at Nottingham, run by the federation, has not been run for a couple of years, which meant that for the first year back, now a CA national series tournament, it was somewhat under-subscribed. Eight players entered, which allowed for a very straight-forward format of an all-play-all block, the winner of the tournament being the player with the most wins, followed by net hoops and so on.

Play commenced at 9:30, with three rounds before lunch at 12pm, at which time Mike Hedge had won his first 3 matches and three people had won 2.meticulously prepared by NDO Dave Gunn.

Going into the final round, there were two people on 5 wins and two on 4 wins. Mike's 2-7 loss to Ann Udall could have cost him the tournament if Ann had won her last game or at least got more hoops and Mike lost another. In the end, Mike won his last game, and was therefore the only player on 6 wins out of 7.

Final placings: 
1. Mike Hedge 
2. Diana Dunkley 
3. Ann Udall 
4. Glynis Davies 
5. Nigel Akers 
6. Andrew Beaumont 
7. Vivienne Heard 
8. Anne Hopper