Mary Rose semi-final triumphs

Nottingham beat Bowdon 6-1 in the semi-final of the Mary Rose inter-club competition.  

On Wednesday (29th September) a Nottingham team of Dave Gunn (0.5), Ian Draper (0.5), Mike Hedge (1.5) and Alex McIntyre (1.5) played at home to a visiting team from Bowdon: Mike Sandler (0.5), Will Mellor (2.5), Nigel Matthews (3.5) and Adrian Apps (3.5). By lunchtime Nottingham were 2-1 up, and by early afternoon (when your reporter left) Draper had had a quick victory and the other three matches looked poised. In the event Nottingham won all three for a resounding 6-1 victory.

Congratulations to the Nottingham team, and best wishes for the final against Surbiton  on Saturday 2nd October at Surbiton. 

Detailed results (unconfirmed) below. A formal report with photos will be published when available.

Nottingham names first:

Draper & Gunn vs Sandler & Mellor +24
McIntrye vs Matthews +9
Hedge vs Apps -7

Gunn vs Sandler +5
Draper vs Mellor +26
McIntryre vs Apps +17
Hedge vs Mathews +2