Lawns closed during lockdown 5/11/2020 to 2/12/2020

The UK government has announced a 4 week lockdown across the whole of England from 5/11/2020 to 2/12/2020 including closure of venues for indoor and outdoor sports. 

The Croquet Association (and national bodies for other outdoor sports) have been in discussion with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to make a case for remaining open, but to no avail. Accordingly, the Croquet Association have issued guidance that all clubs in England should be closed for the duration.

As a committee we are very aware that being able to play croquet during the earlier lockdown – once it was allowed – was something of a lifeline to many of our members, when so many other activities were impossible. However the terms of the current lockdown make it impossible for us to make any provision for play which is safe and legal.  Accordingly the club is closed for play between 5/11/2020 and 2/12/2020 inclusive. 

We are also keenly aware of our duties as custodians of high quality lawns for the long term, and therefore pleased to note that lawn maintenance work can continue. The lockdown period should enable some vital but delayed autumn maintenance work to be completed and give the turf chance to recover. 

Sadly most of our winter programme of social activities bridge, board games, meals, rambles etc) are on hold too. Watch this space. 

We hope to be able to allow some winter croquet play when the lockdown ends. In the meantime, we hope our members, while unable to play at the club,  will still be able to enjoy the benefits of fresh air, and mild exercise walking in pleasant surroundings in public places and parks. Keep safe and well, and hope to see you when circumstances permit. 


P.S. Please also remember our "Triple-a-Peel" crowd funding campaign.