Irrigation installation report

The installation of the irrigation system funded by the Inspired Facilities grant is nearly completed, despite the wintry weather.  All the sprinkers are now installed and connected up: we are just waiting for a soil moisture detector, to enhance control of the system, to be delivered. 

The first step was to dig a trench to install a pipe and control cable around the outside of the lawns:

The trench was then refilled and the turf, which had been removed with a turf-cutter, replaced:

A pit was then dug for each sprinkler, which was connected via a tee-joint welded onto the pipe:

The sprinkler itself was connected via atriple joint:

so that it could be accurately positioned

before the hole was back-filled with shingle to keep it stable

Finally, each sprinkler was tested (it helps to know where to stand!)

and the entire cycle run