Club members progress in AC World Championship

Congratulations to four of our club members: Ian Burridge, Paddy Chapman, James Death and Alain Giraud, who are among the 80 competitors at the 2020 Association Croquet World Championships currently (15th-23rd February) taking place in Melbourne, Australia. The first phase of the event consists of eight blocks of 10 players within which each competitor plays the other nine once. The top four from each block are then drawn into a knockout, and other players are eligible to compete in related events.

After three days’ block play, Ian, Paddy and James have all qualified for the knockout, and Alain narrowly missed a place. 

Tournament details here: .
Scores and some textual commentary here: .
Video streaming of the later rounds may be provided here: ,
or (from 10 p.m. GMT on Thursday 20th Feb) here .