August Week

An oversubscribed August Week saw many old friends return for their annual pilgrimage with several players coming for their first time.

Robin Hood Handicap – won by Anna Giraud (11) Huddersfield beating Sue Wileman (12) +1T in the final

A Class won by Joel Taylor (-1) Oxford University beating Omied Hallam (0) +26TP, +26TP in the final

B Class won by Charlie Martin (2.5) Ramsgate beating Trevor Longman (3) Ramsgate +11, +11 in the final

C Class won by Neal Bacon (8) beating Francis Colman (9) Phyllis Court & Surbiton +25 in the final

D Class won by Rena Souten (16) Huddersfield beating Andrew Beaumont (18) +10 in the playoff

Handicap doubles won by Omied Hallam (0) and Neal Bacon (8) beating Charles Ostler (6) Pinchbeck and Sue Wileman (12) +1T in the final