AC Coaching

July 2nd – 6pm. Moving from Handicap to Level and Advanced Play- An Introduction to the Basics.  Derek Blow will be running this session.

On Tuesday July 9th – Revisiting the 4 Ball Break. Derek Blow will be running a 2 hour session from 6pm. This is a short course for the 22-18 handicap player who has been playing Association Croquet for a while and hasn't quite mastered the concept of the 4 ball break. The course will include shot revision, positional play for pilots and pivots and using bisques. 

For the 10 -18 Handicap player John Davis will be running an Improvers coaching programme covering 4 ball breaks, Croquet strokes, Openings and endings and taking and giving bisques. Dates and times have yet to be arranged and will be determined by the group and John. If you would like to sign up can you send your name and contact details to John (contact info in the handbook or via the Enquiries tab).

For those with a handicap of 3 or under Paddy Chapman will be running sessions on 17th and 20th August at 6:30pm.

Don't forget that Viv Staley has a course running (from 9th June) on Sunday mornings for AC beginners and those who started playing in the last year or so. The course is running for 5 weeks and is held from 9:30-12:30pm (N.B. 23/6 t.b.c. as there is a tournament taking place). Contact Viv with the dates you are able to attend.