Volunteering roles

Nottingham Croquet Club has a strong volunteering ethos, which keeps our subscriptions affordable, encourages club cohesion and teamwork and is often bonding and great fun. Where appropriate we offer training and support to volunteers, and encourage succession so it’s not a lifetime commitment (unless you want it to be!) The schematic diagram below illustrates some of the activity currently done by volunteers. Possible areas where we encourage and would benefit from more volunteer help include:

    • Catering
    • Organising / supporting social activities
    • DIY
    • Committees
    • Gardening
    • Coaching
    • Refereeing
    • Managing tournaments
    • Publicity / communications / social media

and a host of other specific and ad hoc areas.  

Nicky Newberry is our volunteering co-ordinator, so do please let her know if you would like to do something extra, whether listed above or not. She will also sometimes publish requests for a specific role.