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The club has five permanent full-sized lawns and a grade II listed pavilion in Highfields Park. We have also recently secured the lease on the adjacent former bowls greens and disused bowls pavilion and are pursuing an ambitious programme of improvements to make our facilties more welcoming, attractive and accessible.  Membership is open to anyone interested in Croquet. Our existing members range in playing strength from complete beginners to world class and we provide coaching at all levels.

If you would like to get more of a flavour of the game and what sort of people it might appeal to, please click on the following links to short video or sound clips:

For people interested in taking up the sport, the club normally holds Open Days in May, followed by introductory programme of coaching courses and other events. 

In 2019 the club hosted the Under-21 World Golf Croquet Championship from 20th – 24th July.  Euan Burridge, one of our members, was a bronze medallist.

For established players the club runs a range of internal competitions each season, and a number of Tournaments that are also open to Visitors.  It has teams competing in five national competitions and several of its members have competed internationally.  Indeed, a recent open Association Croquet world champion and the reigning women's Association Croquet world champion, Paddy and Miranda Chapman, are members of the club.

Members enjoy full access to our facilities (with no additional lawn fees) for the duration of the 6 month playing season (early April to early October), and a social programme (and possibly limited croquet playing opportunities) outside the main playing season. Casual players can be accommodated if a lawn and member to assist them are available. A wide range of social groups from the community are accommodated by prior arrangement.  Students are welcome, and if there enough interest the former Student Croquet Club could be revived. We also have a thriving Junior section for schoolchildren. 

The club is a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) registered with HMRC, and is a member of the Croquet Association, the national governing body for the sport, and the East Midlands Federation of Croquet Clubs.

For further information, please use the contact form.  To get to the club,  please follow these directions.