• Nottingham through to sem-final of Secretary's Shield

    Nottingham beat Ashby 7-0 to reach the semi-finals of the Secretary's Shield in the roasting heat of Sunday, 27th May.

    Omied Hallam and Clive Goode played together in doubles, against Mike Haytack and Richard Sandville, winning comfortably within time.  Meanwhile in the morning, Dan Greenaway beat Derek Buxton and Dave Gunn beat Mike O'Brian, who had very little experience of Association Croquet.  In the afternoon, players wilted, but all four singles finished in our favour.

    Our opponents in the semis will be Middlesborough.

    Full results:

    Omied Hallam and Clive Goode bt Mick Haytack and Richard Sanville +17
    Dan Greenaway bt Derek Buxton +20
    David Gunn bt Mike O'Brian +18
    Omied Hallam bt Richard Sandville +14
    Clive Goode bt Mike Haytack +14
    Dave Gunn bt Derek Buxton +9(t)
    Dan Greenaway bt Mike O'Brian +24

  • Marathon Successfully Completed

    The marathon finished as scheduled at 4pm on Sunday, 20th May, with a total of 806 points having been scored on lawn one.  The Sunday, although still cool, attracted more visitors and we have a good number signed up for the beginners' course.

    The lighting tower provided by A-plant functioned well overnight and fears that it might run out of diesel proved unfounded!  Thanks to Dave Gunn, Bob Thompson and Omied Hallam who organised the event, Omied and James who played thoughout the night, and to the many other club members who supported it.  The picture below was taken at the 1am shift change.



  • Sheriff visits croquet marathon

    The Sheriff of Nottingham, Councillor Merlita Bryan, and her consort visited the Nottingham Croquet Club in Highfields Park during its marathon in aid of Home-Start.  She was welcomed to the club by its President, Peter Death, given some of Irmgard Finnigan's strawberry cake, met Home-Start volunteers at their marquee, and, after changing from high heels to boots, succeeded in running a hoop,



  • Lighting installed for marathon

    The broken floodlight on the pavilion was repaired yesterday and A-plant hire delivered the lighting tower they are lending us, in preparation for the overnight play in the marathon this evening.


  • Omied Hallam won Hopewell Tray

    Omied Hallam won the Nottingham May Handicap weekend with 7 wins out of seven, Everyone else had at least two losses.

    Omied Hallam being presented with the Hopewell Tray by Peter Death

    Omied Hallam being presented with the Hopewell Tray by Peter Death, the club President.

    Overall results were;
    Omied Hallam 7/7
    Clive Goode and Mike Bowser 5/7
    Dave Gunn 4/6
    Peter Moore, Bob Thompson and Arthur Rowe 4/7
    Mark Ormerod 4/8
    David Woodhouse 2/4
    Martin Beacon 3/7
    John Davis    3/8
    Peter Death 2/6
    Judith Moore 1/4
    Derek Buxton 1/5
    Beatrice McGlen 0/8
    Handicap changes; Mike Bowser 4 to 3.5, Beatrice McGlen 1 to 1.5 and Derek Buxton 9 to 10.


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