• Nottingham bt Fylde 4-3 in Secretary's Shield

    A Nottingham team of Omied Hallam, Dave Gunn, Sue Wileman and Dan Greenaway beat Fylde, who they had played in last year's Secretary's Shield final, 4-3 in miserably wet conditions.  They won the doubles and two singles in the morning, then Dave Gunn was first to finish in the afternoon to clinch the tie.  We meet Ashby in the next round. 

  • Report of AGM

    There was a record turnout for the AGM.  The meeting, chaired by the President Peter Death, finished just before 1pm.

    During the annual report, the Secretary gave details of access to the hockey club car park, should the gates be locked.  There is a key to the gate padlock kept on the large wooden fob in the desk drawer.  If you need to open the gate, please ensure that you lock it and return the key immediately afterwards.  Note that the gate is locked by looping the chain through itself, then closing the lock round the free ring, rather than trying to fasten both rings together.

    The Secretary's Shield and runner's up shield for the Longman Cup were on display and Miranda Morgan was presented with her winners medal for the 2011 Women's Championship.

    Roger Berkeley, the Treasurer reported that the club's finances were currently in a sound state, but that it would be prudent to put money aside during good times to give a buffer should stormier conditions prevail in future.  The accounts were adopted with thanks to Lawrence Whittaker for examining them.

    The main discussion was about the borehole and irrigation project. Several people spoke against the borehole, feeling either that the Council should pay for it, or that we should use mains water instead, but in the event, both parts of the motion, to proceed with a borehole and, should grants be obtained, the irrigation project, were passed with substantial majorities.

    The rule changes were passed with comparatively little discussion.  The Officers and eligible Committe Members were re-elected, with Cathy Turski replacing Clive Goode.

    Bob Thompson spoke about the marathon: there are sign up sheets to play and help with refreshments on the notice board.

    Community Involvement was discussed, both in terms of the club involving and getting involved with the community.

    Finally, during Other Business, Patricia Duke-Cox mentioned an ITV competition with a substantial prize which the club could get involved with.  Contact her for further information.

  • New Shelter for Bowls Greens

    The new shelter for the bowls greens was erected this afternoon, Thursday 12th April, 2012, just in time for the start of the season.

    In February, Omied and Sanna dug out the base ....

    and then raked out the concrete, which was being mixed near to the bowls pavilion and barrowed in.


    Don Martin and Michael Finnigan then built the superstructure in Don's workshop, which was fireproofed and painted before being brought to site and erected, with the help of some less skilled members!


  • Water supply test 17th April

    In connection with the tram works, water and drainage pipes along University Bouldevard are being investigated.  A 4" private water main is shown on Seven Trent's plans as running along our side of University Boulevard, but they have no record of what, if anything, it serves.  To try and find out, they are going to turn it off between 10 am and 2pm on Tuesday, 17th April.  Please let me know if you notice any interruption to the supply to the pavilion!

    Even more alarmingly, they do not seem to have any record of a sewer connection to the pavilion!

    Ian Vincent.

  • AGM Saturday 14th April

    A reminder that the AGM will be held at 11am in the pavilion this coming Saturday, 14th April.  The main decision to be taken is whether or not to proceed with the proposed borehole, but it is also an opportunity to discuss any issues you wish to raise relating to the club. If you are unable to attend, and wish to appoint a proxy to vote for you, then please let me know if you have not already done so.

    Ian Vincent.


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