• Terrey Sparks won B Level GC Tournament

    Terrey Sparks won the GC B Level Tournament on Wednesday, 18th July, beating Roger Stroud 7-6 in the final.

    The players watching the final.

    Terrey Sparkes clearing Blue from hoop 12.

    The Treasurer's Bowl, which had been presented by John Handy, who managed the event.  Previous winners have been:

    2007 W. Gee
    2008 P. Duke-Cox
    2009 R. Berkeley
    2010 C. Roberts
    2011 D. Ball

    The tournament finished just before this hailstorm!



  • Dan Greenaway won Summer Handicap W/E

    Peter Death, the manager of the Summer AC Handicap Weekend, reports as follows:

    Dan Greenaway, a fast-improving Nottingham member, won the Nottingham Handicap Weekend with 7 wins out of 7.  Andrew Brandwood from the Bury club was runner-up with 4 out of 5, losing only to Dan.

    Full results:
                            Won     Played  %      
    Dan Greenaway   7       7       100%   
    Andrew Brandwood        4       5       80%    
    Jonathan Toye   5       7       71%    
    Dave Gunn       3       5       60%    
    Arthur Rowe     4       7       57%    
    David Woodhouse 3       6       50%    
    Peter Death     3       6       50%    
    John Bee        2       5       40%    
    Jeane Ackermann 2       5       40%    
    Omied Hallam    2       6       33%    
    Derek Buxton    2       6       33%
    David Brydon    1       6       17%    
    Ken Knowles     0       5       0%     

    Hamdicap changes

    Dan Greenaway 16 to 12
    Dave Gunn 9 to 8
    Jonathan Toye 8 to 7
    Derek Buxton 10 to 11


  • Baby Talitha born

    Congratulations to Phillippine and Sanaa on the birth of their first child, a girl they have named Talitha, at 6.04 CET on 12th July.  Both mother and daughter are reported to be very healthy and happy. 

  • James Death and Rob Fulford won Open Doubles

    James Death and Robert Fulford won the (AC) Open Doubles (for the second time, having previously won the event in 2008).  In the semi-final, James only had to run six hoops in each game, as Rob finished them with sextuple peels.   However, in the final, Rob pealed and pegged out David Maugham in both games, leaving JaPmes to finish with a three ball break before David's partner, Mark, got going.

    By way of a warm up in the Z, James completed an octuple peal, which ended with a straight sextuple i.e. scoring the last 6 hoops and the peg for his partner ball while scoring them himself!

    Of the club members in the singles, Paddy Chapman was the only one to progress in the main event, loosing 3-1 to Robert Fulford in the semi-final.  Reg Bamford won the final.


  • Four Nottingham players qualified for Opens Knockout

    Keith Aiton, Paddy and Miranda Champman, and James Death qualified for the main event in the (AC) Opens at a rather soggy Cheltenham.  Paddy and Keith are drawn to play each other, Miranda plays Reg Bamford (one of the top seeds) and James plays Martin French.  You can follow their progress on the CA Website.


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