• AC Selection Events Roundup

    We hosted the Selectors' Weekend this year, in which four of our members: Beatrice McGlen, Richard Huxley (who managed it, making use of the floodlights in the warm evenings), Martin Beacon and David Brydon, played.  Matt Holmes, from Bury, won it, beating Luc Berthouze in the final of the play-off.


    As to the other events, congratulations to Paddy Chapman, who was runner up in the President's Cup just one win behind Robert Fulford, with Keith Aiton third.  Miranda Chapman was 6th in the Chairman's Salver; we were unrepresented in the Spencer Ell Cup, and Ian Vincent ended at the bottom of the field in the Treasurer's Tankard.




  • Robert Wilkinson won Nottingham Advanced Singles Weekend

    Robert Wilkinson, who played at Oxford but now lives in Bristol, was undefeated in the Advanced Singles Weekend, beating James Death in what was effectively the deciding match of the Flexible Swiss.  James would have won the peeling (and lunacy?!) prize, had there been one, with, among other finishes,  a Sextuple peel on his opponent.  He also played the fastest game of the weekend, recorded at 28 minutes, before some players had even finished their knockup!  James Hopgood and Ailsa Lines also put in strong performances.

    Unfortunately there was a breakin in the adjacent Bowls pavilion on Friday night, but the gallery were amused to hear the community support officer who had been sent to investigate ask for the crochet pavilion! 

    Thanks to James Death who catered on Saturday (feeding the Hurlingham v Pendle Mary Rose players as well: Hurlingham won 6-1), and to Sophie and Beatrice McGlen who fed us on Sunday, including a magnificant coffee cake made with eggs from their own hens.

    Several of the field will be playing again next weekend in the CA Selectors weekend, though with a dry week forecast the lawns will hopefully have got more interesting by then.

    The final positions were:






    Robert Wilkinson77


    James Death6786
    James Hopgood5683
    Ailsa Lines5771
    Matt Holmes5771
    Richard White4757
    Ian Vincent4757
    Nick Steiner4757
    Lionel Tibble49


    Harry Fisher3743
    Robbie Dodds2633
    Beatrice McGlen2825
    Cliff Daniel1617
    Paul Swaffield1617
    Mark Omerod1617
    Martin Beacon1714


  • Annual Tournament Results

    David Gunn beat Alain Giraud by +26 to win the Robin Hood.

    Alain Giraud retained the Open Championship, beating John Davis +26tp +18 in the play-off

    Omied Hallam won the B class, beating Clive Good +13 in the play-off

    Roger Berkeley won the C class.

    Judith Moore won the D class.

    John Davis and Judith Moore won the doubles, beating Alain Giraud and Sue Wileman in the final + 8(t).

  • Nottingham B beat Colchester in Inter Club

    A Nottingham team of Keith AIton, Paddy and Miranda Chapman and Ian Lines beat Colchester 6-1 away.

    Ian Burridge (playing for Colchester) reported the results as follows:

    Ian Burridge and Jack Wicks lost to Paddy Chapman and Keithhe  Aiton -3
    Jonathan Hills lost to Miranda Chapman -17
    Colin Hemming lost to Ian Lines -4

    Ian Burridge beat Paddy Chapman +17
    Jack Wicks lost to Keith Aiton -23tp
    Jonathan Hills lost to Ian Lines -25tp
    Colin Hemming lost to Miranda Chapman -26

    The semi-final is against Wrest Park, who put out our A team, at home.

  • Nottingham beat Middlesborough 5-2 to reach final of Secretary's Shield

    Dan Greenaway reports as follows:

    Secretary's Shield Match Nottingham VS Middlesbrough Saturday 11th Aug 2012

    Nottingham Team: Omeid Hallam (4.5), Dave Gunn (8), Dan Greenaway (10), Alan Scott (12).
    Middlesbrough Team: Roger Staples (4), Michael Akester (12), Nigel Roberts (14), John Fitzpatrick (16)

    Morning Games:

    Hallam and Gunn lost to Staples and Akester -22
    Greenaway beat Fitzpatrick +9
    Scott lost to Roberts -14

    Afternoon Games:

    Hallam beat Staples +10
    Gunn beat Akester +20
    Greenaway beat Roberts +17
    Scott beat Fitzpatrick +2T

    Nottingham win 5-2

    On a nice sunny day in Nottingham, Middlesbrough made the trip down for a match in the Secretary's Shield. The visitors made the better start in the morning; the doubles match of Hallam and Gunn verses Staples and Akester started tight, but then Akester got in and went round giving Middlesbrough a lead Nottingham couldn?t claw back ending in a +22 win for the Teesiders. On the other lawn Greenaway scored Nottingham's first point. A break with the white gave him a good lead but Fitzpatrick using his bisques picked off hoops narrowing the margin to a +9 win to Nottingham. The second game on lawn 3 was a tactical battle between Scott and Roberts; Roberts took an early lead which Scott couldn't get back resulting in a +14 win on time for Middlesbrough and an overall 2-1 lead going in to lunch.

    The weather carried over to the afternoon for some more top croquet. On lawn 2 Staples took an early lead against Hallam, but a stumble on hoop one allowed Hallam back in who promptly seized his opportunity and won +10. Gunn changed his morning form around and was firing both barrels in the afternoon giving himself a +20 win over Akester. Over on lawn 3 Greenaway had a good game against Roberts resulting in a +17 win. In the second game on lawn 3 Scott was making the most of the weather again with his game going to time again. This time he reversed his fortunes with a +2T win meaning Nottingham finished the day with a 5-2 win, to give them a chance to defend the trophy in the final against the Bear of Rodborough.


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