Learn croquet

Nottingham Croquet Club welcomes new members of all ages and backgrounds, including people who are completely new to croquet, and offers a range of activities and support to help you try out, learn, enjoy and master this fascinating, engaging sport, and participate in the life of the club. It can take a while to learn croquet, but the rewards are tremendous. And you can learn to play one croquet game very quickly. 

The best way to start is to come to one of our popular free Open Days or a Taster session and then if you would like to take it further, follow it up with our flagship Learn to Play course and comprehensive follow-on support programme. This - especially if you begin in early season - is our tried and tested route to quickly attain confidence and skills at both forms of the game. 

An alternative route, if you are not ready or able to take up the full Learn to Play course is to sign up for one of our Croquet Experience weekends. These provide a fun and sociable introduction to some of the croquet skills and games but are not intended to replace a full training programme.  

Do check out the links under Journey -> Learn for more detail.

Please note that spaces on all events may be limited to allow us to give you sufficient attention and support, and to comply with COVID regulations. 

If you would like to enroll on any of these, please contact us using the Contact link. 

One of our members, Paddy Chapman has provided some excellent online learning materials here. This can't of course replace learning practical skills at the club, but still provides first class learning and coaching material to whet your appetite or to complement practical coaching.