Food & Drink

Nottingham Croquet Club is renowned for its tournament catering. Lunches and teas are provided by members in the east pavilion during tournaments and there is a self-service bar.

If you are looking for somewhere off site to eat or drink, read on.

Many members and visitors appreciate the Victoria Hotel in Dovecote Lane, Beeston, a pub with a wide range of real ale (and whisky) and a good choice of home cooked vegetarian, fish and meat dishes.  It used to be the station hotel, but no longer does accommodation.   Note that service times for food vary during the week (and in the past have been strictly adhered to!):

Sunday 12noon-8.45pm    Full Menu
Mon/Tues 10.30-12 noon    Brunch Snacks
12noon-8.45pm    Full Menu
Wed-Sat 10.30-12 noon    Brunch Snacks
12noon-9.30pm    Full Menu

Under 18s are not admitted to the premises after 8pm and the latest time parties including them can order food is 6.30pm.

Closer to the club, the Stick and Pitcher is just over the road and offers a smaller range of beer and food, but can get crowded when there are events on at the Hockey Club.

There is also a resturant and cafe at the Lakeside Arts Centre, but they are only open during the day unless there are performances on.

There are, of course, many other places to eat and drink, both in the city and in Beeston: just ask one of the locals for personal recommendations.