Club Competitions & Ladder

Each year we have a wide choice of competitions within the club, in various formats, for Association Croquet, Golf Croquet and Short Croquet, organised again in 2021 by James Death. Early in the year James circulates members with an entry form. (This year it was sent within a zip file attachment to an email about the AGM sent by Ellen Gee on Sat 6th March at 09:41. For convenience it is now added here). Entries by 13th April please. You may enter as many or as few club competitions as you like (so long as you have a reasonable expectation of completing them during the season). Some are knockouts, others are a block of up to 8 in which all play all.

James then produces a Google spreadsheet detailing who is in which competitions. The 2021 draw is here

During the course of the season, you should contact the members you are due to play and arrange a suitable data and time at your mutual convenience. In normal years the spreadhset pages are posted on a pavilion notice board where results may be entered by hand. This year, as last, to minimise pavilion usage during COVID-19 restrictions, we will enter the results on the lawn booking system and James will transcribe them to his Google spreadsheet.  

Please do not leave too many games until the end of the season as lawns could be busy and it may be difficult to get your games played, though if all goes to plan the west lawns will be available and we will have plenty of capacity. 

There are prizes for the winners of the various competitions. 

In pre-COVID seasons we have also maintained a club ladder, in which players may enter results of any friendlies on to cards in the pavilion so long as the game was pre-agreed to be a ladder game beforehand.  Again, due to the pandemic we will not be running the ladder for the time being.