Accessing club facilities and equipment

We are trying to make our facilities ever more accessible to more people. 

There are various ways to get here

The pavilions and side gate are secured with number-coded padlocks. The code is shared with members in the Members' Handbook. You will also be shown how to unlock as part of club induction. Please never leave locks on the correct number except while the lock is in your hand; always scramble them.  

The east lawns are numbered 1 to 5, with 1 being the nearest to the pavilion. The newly relaid west lawns are not yet ready for play so we will be making more use of half lawns for the time being. Each half-lawn is designated by the full lawn number with a suffix of L or R (which could be interpreted as left and right when seen from the pavilion, or could be lake side and road side) and hoop 4 is the hoop nearest to the pavilion. 

Lawn equipment (hoops, balls, flags etc) is stored on numbered trolleys in the equipment store in the west pavilion, now with level access and an electrically controlled door. Each trolley holds one set of cast iron "Hopewell" hoops, as well as balls, flags etc. If a lawn is being used as two half lawns, then the correctly numbered trolley can be used for the R half, and a trolley numbered 6 or more for the L half. Lightweight aluminium hoops may be used for informal play on half sized lawns. If a full lawn is being used then it is important that the hoops are placed with the "Hopewell" inscription facing the south boundary. The purpose of the buckets is to keep balls and equipment cleansed as described in our COVID-19 rules. 

Club mallets are in the trolley store in the west pavilion and can be identified by the blue and red tape bands on the shaft. (Mallets without these bands belong to individual members). 

When you leave a lawn, unless there is someone else waiting to use it, please return all equipment to the correct place in the pavilions. 

If you're the last to leave the club please check that no equipment is left out, all pavilion windows are closed, kitchen areas clean and tidy, lights are switched off (where possible) and finally ensure both pavilions, the east and west green gates and the black side gate are locked. All members - please leave things as you found them so the last person to leave doesn't have to clean up after you.