Learn to Play courses

In 2021 the club will be running the following Introductory Coaching Courses, mainly for the benefit of new members who have little or no prior croquet experience. They are also relevant if you have played croquet in a back garden or a hotel but haven't played club croquet with tournament class equipment, and may also be suitable for people who joined as new members last year but didn't do a complete course. 

In order to give new starters sufficient attention and support, and to comply with COVID-19 regulations, spaces on our courses may be limited.

You may participate in either of these courses:

  • Sunday mornings, April 18th to May 30th, then Thursday evenings (6 pm) 3rd and 10th June - with Derek Blow, Viv Staley & team

  • Tuesday evenings, May 25th to July 13th - with Bob Thompson & team

Subsequent courses may be added; watch this space. 

​The 'Learn to Play' course is designed to help you learn how to play two forms of croquet, equip you with the skills to play the relevant strokes, and to put it all together in a game which you will be able to play with friends and other club members by the end of the course. People who take this course will also be offered comprehensive support for the rest of the season. A start in early season will help you attain good skills in your first year. 

There is no need to be a full club member to do a "Learn to Play" course. An Introductory Membership fee of £45 will cover the coaching course and coaching materials and use of lawns and club equipment during the course.  You will also be able to visit the club to practice between the coaching sessions if an established member will book a lawn, open up pavilions, set out equipment etcAt the end of this course you will be invited to take up full membership of the club for the remainder of the year (to 30th April 2022) and if you do so, the £45 fee will be deducted from your subscription. This will entitle you to all the benefits of membership, including access codes to the pavilions, a logon to the online lawn booking system, access to the lawns and club equipment at any time (subject to availability on the booking system), and an opportunity to take part in a day tournament on the 18th of September and possibly to win the Derek Blow shield for 2021. If you would like this fuller level of access from the start of the course, you are of course very welcome to pay the full first year subscription at the outset. 

All our courses are intended to be enjoyable and sociable as well as instructive. No croquet equipment is needed; just come with flat-soled footwear and suitably comfortable clothing for an outdoor activity. 

For more information or to register an interest, please contact our membership secretary by using the Contact form.