Croquet Experience weekends

If you are new to croquet and prefer at this stage not to embark on our "Learn to Play" course, another route in is to sign up for a Croquet Experience weekend. 

This is a practical, hands-on weekend for a maximum of 10 guests, which is varied, enjoyable, sociable and stimulating. You will:

  • learn a range of basis croquet skills, 
  • meet club members and learn from them,
  • enjoy some "proper" and "fun" versions of croquet, including a croquet gymkhana, and
  • get to know a small group of other people new to croquet.

No prior experience or visit to the club is necessary, but it is also very suitable for people who have been on a free "taster" session and/or an Open Day.

The format was piloted and well received in 2020 and is still being refined. Timings will probably be 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with an hour lunch break, tea / coffee / comfort breaks mid-morning and mid-afternoon, and an opportunity to stay and play for a while after 4:30 p.m. Due to current COVID restrictions we may not be able to use the pavilion kitchen so please bring a packed lunch to eat together and whatever hot or cold drinks you require. 

The fee for the weekend is £45, and this is deductible from your subscription if you choose to join the club afterwards. For this you will have the use of club lawns, facilities and equipment for the weekend and free coaching and support from experienced club members. 

Should you wish to join the club for the rest of the season, the fee you have paid will be deducted from your first year's subscription, and you will be encouraged to sign up for our "Learn to Play" course when next scheduled (if there are places). This provides more formal, structured coaching and support essential to get to grips with competitive croquet.

2021 Croquet Experience Weekend dates:

21st-22nd May

21st-22nd August

Further dates may be added depending on demand

Please use the Contact form (and select "Croquet Experience") if you would like to attend one of these weekends.